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Still here, still gaining (slowly)

It's been a while since I last time updated this, so here I am again. It's been hell of a winter/spring season for me - I haven't felt so tired in ages, maybe ever. Was (is) this some kind of depression - I don't know, but I'm slowly getting my strength back little by little. Luckily I have my holiday soon...

This "great tiredness" had effect on my appetite, too - unfortunately for worse. Right now it's also already better and I'm making my "holiday gaining plan", but it has delayed my goals - last time I updated this in January, I was 78 kg's. Now I'm only 80 - which is good, but I honestly wanted to be much more nearer, maybe even over 90 kg's by now. But now I just have to make it up and eat even harder - I gotta be way over 100 kg's before December.

Start: 68 kg's (149 lbs)
Now: 80 kg's (176 lbs)

Gained so far: 12 kg's (27 lbs)

Goal #1: 100 kg's (220 lbs) -> 20 kg's (44 lbs) left
Goal #2: 120 kg's (264 lbs) -> 40 kg's (88 lbs) left
Goal #3: 136.4 kg's (300 lbs) -> 56.4 kg's (124.08 lbs) left

Long term goal: 150 kg's (330 lbs) -> 70 kg's (154 lbs) to go...

My journey into fatness continues...
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