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Time to start (again)

For long time, I've been having this urge to grow myself big - but in a fat way. I dream/hope of being at least 300-350 lbs happy fatboy with sagging jiggly gut and moobs, double chin, big butt and a huge appetite.

Then there's my social life - still on quite uneasy ground after 10 years of bullying in pre-school/school and the hard process of getting over it. I just never want to alienate myself from having normal social life anymore, like I was forced back in then. Today I have few friends, mostly from work - some closer, some more distant.

Even in this crossfire I´ve managed to get from 147 lbs to 200 lbs in about 3 years, with the weight I've losed I would propably be around 220-230 at least by now. And I like the results, how I'm growing. But still...

One thing is for sure, this urge keeps getting back no matter I try to shredd it. So, I think it's time to write down my thoughts around this subject.

If you fellow gainers have any good advices, they're very welcome.
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you know you want it so just don't...if it doesn't work out you can alway lose it if you want...remember its not the end of the world if you get/are fat
Yeah, you're right. I think it's time to let my inner fatty get free for real, otherwise I just make my life miserable.
don't stop till your fat even when you get the "maybe i shouldn't do this?" thought as you will regret not doing...i should know cos i do

Deleted comment

Yeah, I will - slowly but surely...