Future Fat (gainer_dude83) wrote,
Future Fat

Gaining News 25/01/2009

I'm finally over 75 kg's - 78 kg's at the moment. Wish it could be more already, but at least breaking 80 kg's again is only couple of kilos away. I'm definately looking chubbier now than few months ago, so my journey into fatness is going forward after all \o/. I'm really eager to get into real business with this gaining thing, 2009 will be the year of growing and fattening for me - that's for sure. Oat porrige is always useful if I can't afford anything else. I've already put 10 kg's in the past 4 months without really trying so I'll be damned if I can't broke 100 kg's (plus more) during this year. I have strong intention to be at least 150 kg's in December 2013 when I'm 30. That would be something to celebrate.

After years of dabbling and questioning it feels great to finally let my inner fatty free for good. No more dieting, no more doubting - I'm gonna be fat and that's it. Of course I still have many dilemmas in my personal life, but I won't let those thing affect my gaining anymore.

Any fattening tips are very much welcome!
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